Panthers on Monday Night… and first snow in Foxbourough.

After a welcomed  bye week the Patriots gathered on a field of snow returning after a few days of relaxation useful to recharge batteries before entering the second half of the season and recover some injured players, Shane Vareen and Aqib Talib . The snow was welcomed by Brady & C. as evidenced by the interventions on social networks spread by players these days : First snow in NE today … let the real football begin ( J.Edelman ) .


The game against the Carolina Panthers ( monday night) has become a rock much harder than the schedule early in the season suggested . The Panthers had a bad start, but they are now with a record of 6 wins and 3 losses in the fight for the title of the Division and the playoffs. The key to success of Carolina was the defense, which has given so far only12.8 points per game , but it must be said that in the attack they marked 25 TD , one more than the Patriots .   Statistics on  turnovers are at +8, only one fewer than the Patriots.

Rumors are spreading in these hours about the possibility that Bill Belichick can put under contract Ed Reed, just released from the Texans, we are sure the safety is precisely the role where Pats are in urgent need ? Ed Reed is 35 years old and is moving towards the conclusion of a glorious career, with 9 Pro Bowl appearances, surely he is a protégé of Belichick . We’ll see how it turns out .


Ed Reed near to Patriots ?

New England begins the second half of the season with two big games one after the other: on Monday Night against the Panthers and immediately after the home game against the Broncos of Manning (the good one), then the calendar  seems on downhill and the goal of 12 games won is still reachable . It must be said that in recent years the team of New England has always played second parts of the season at the highest levels : 8-0 in 1010 , 8-0 in 2011 and 7-1 last season and is currently the only team to have won the own division last year still in the lead in 2013. Small curiosity : New England with a win would close for the thirteenth consecutive year, their season record over .500; obviously an absolute record among all NFL teams .

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